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The Formula One Strategy Group was faced with a choice yesterday: confront the issues facing our sport, or stare meekly at their combined navel and plough forward on a road to ruin. It has been said by many, myself included, that the anti-democratic think tank is a scourge on this sport, its ranks filled overwhelmingly by the self-interested. Competing entities, it has been argued, will never vote for the greater good. There’s too much for them to lose. Turkeys, it has oft been said, don’t vote for Christmas.

They just have.

With an opportunity to debate meaningful steps and solutions to the cost of the sport and measures to attempt to ward off the financial failure of any more teams, it appears that the only meaningful agreement taken yesterday at Biggin Hill was to “improve the show” by actually raising costs via the reintroduction of refuelling.

Forget, for a moment…

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FIA may yet face a law suit over Jules Bianchi



Jules Bianchi’s family have been relatively quiet since the accident in Suzuka and the subsequent white wash FIA investigation, which implied Bianchi had some sort of contributory negligence for his accident.

There have been maybe three or four public statements made by the family, but each time the content has been justifiably focused on how Jules is progressing and how the family is feeling.

Bianchi’s father yesterday spoke to local newspaper Nice-Matin. The reporter describes the difficult atmosphere he encountered when interviewing Phillippe at his home. There were long silences, followed by a flurry of spoken consciousness, which revealed the evils that beset Jules dad.

Jules is stable, he exists without the help of any life support machines, but the surgeons say there is no interventions which can be made which would assist him to regain consciousness. The never-ending wait, is interminable and the family are present by Jules’ side…

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What the fuck is wrong with CVC, FOM, Bernie, the lot of them?

A Former F1 Doc Writes

Wrote this last summer. Still applicable. These guys are going to run our sport into the ground, then get on their helicopters, land on their yachts, and sail away rich and happy. This sport is being run by immature greedy corrupt capricious adolescents. I’m sick of it. We all work so hard in our daily lives to do our jobs right, to do right by those who use our services – why can’t these idiots have a tenth of that conscientiousness? Anyway, here goes:

What is wrong with this picture?

I’m going to venture out of my usual terrain, and allow myself to talk about the sport of Formula 1 in general. This is brought on by a tweet this morning by the CEA, the (fabulous) crew of fire marshals at Monza (and Imola). The tweet shows the start of restoration on the tarmac…

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Red Bull wants to quit? Let it…

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Taurine, or 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, is an organic acid widely distributed in animal tissues. It is a major constituent of bile and can be found in the large intestine.

It is also one of the main ingredients of Red Bull.

It might come as little shock to motorsport fans that the energy drink and bile should have such a chief component in common, so forthcoming has the bitterness spewed from the once all-conquering Formula 1 team been in the aftermath of the Australian Grand Prix. Down on power and down on luck, the target men of the opening half of the decade were lapped in the opening race of the 2015 season and could barely put up a fight to a team which had failed to score a single point the season before.

But the concept that anyone is to blame for the situation Red Bull finds itself in other than…

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Part 2: Todt & Saillant – le dénouement

A Former F1 Doc Writes

(Link to first post: Todt & Saillant: le dénouement part 1)

On January 16 2015 I received an answer to my request that the FIA open an Ethics inquiry about Gerard Saillant’s trip to my hospital to interfere with my employment. Here is that answer (click on it to enlarge – open it in another tab so it’s easier to follow along):


I think it might be useful to just consider this letter, point by point. As I mentioned in my last post, I think this letter is illustrative of just how detached from the real world the FIA hierarchy is.

The author is Todt’s chief of staff. He was previously in charge of sports-related stuff on Fillon’s (ex-French PM) staff. I have never met him. He would appear to be part of a wave of ex-political types hired by Todt, apparently desirous to be surrounded by people felt to…

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On This Day in #F1: 20th February 2007: Inspirational advert

Awesome commercial – check it out!


Brought to you by TheJudge13 chronicler: The Grumpy Jackal

– 2007: The Greatest commercial ever

On this day seven years ago – Monaco residents woke up from their ‘perfect lives’ to the V10 screams of a Ferrari F1 car. Shell was just completing the final filming for their new commercial which would celebrate 60 years of collaboration between these two giants – conveniently eliminating the twenty three year association between Ferrari and Agip which had started in 1973.


It was a classy production which also encompassed locations in Italy, New York, Australia, Hong Kong and Rio De Janeiro.

I’m not normally an advocate for advertising; I usually record anything I want to watch and then skip through any ad breaks. On visits to the movie theatre I request the time the movie starts and arrive accordingly – it’s a disgrace that I am paying for entry and expected to watch…

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De fascinatie voor de ondoorgrondelijke wielersport


Hoewel ik Lance Armstrong als wielerverslaggever niet of nauwelijks van nabij heb meegemaakt, heeft hij me altijd gefascineerd. Ik was wielerverslaggever vóór het epo-tijdperk. Al zullen in mijn laatste jaren als wielerverslaggever renners (Indurain, veel Spanjaarden en Italianen, Russen, Duitsers en vooral het oprukkende Amerikaanse peloton cowboys, de ploegen van 7-Eleven en Motorola, en natuurlijk ook Nederlanders) vast al bezig zijn geweest. Zo bleek later. Ik heb in al die jaren (vanaf 1976 tot begin jaren negentig volgde ik onder meer 16 keer de Tour) wel wat gezien en gemerkt wat ‘vreemd’ was of naar overtreding van de spelregels riekte (omkoping, combine, doping), maar ik kon nooit doordringen tot de ‘vuile waarheid’. Ik moest verder, verslag doen van alweer de volgende etappe en wedstrijd, van hotel naar hotel reizen, met de karavaan mee, op weg naar de volgende winnaars en verliezers.

Die keren dat ik op onderzoek uitging of mijn…

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