Ex-Nazi Officer Gets Life Sentence

A Munich court sentenced a 90-year-year-old former Nazi officer, Josef Scheungraber, to life in prison for murdering Italian civilians in 1944.

Ex-Nazi Officer Gets Life Sentence
Published: August 12, 2009

“BERLIN — A Munich court on Tuesday sentenced a 90-year-year-old former Nazi officer, Josef Scheungraber, to life in prison for murdering Italian civilians as a reprisal for the killing of two Nazi soldiers.

In one of Germany’s last Nazi trials, he was convicted on 10 counts of murder and also found guilty of attempted murder.

Mr. Scheungraber had denied allegations that he ordered the killings in June 1944 in Falzano di Cortona, near the Tuscan town of Arezzo, when he was a 25-year-old German army lieutenant in command of a company of engineers. The trial began last September after the presiding judge, Manfred Goetz, said Mr. Scheungraber was fit to stand trial.

Prosecutors said that, after Italian partisans had killed two German soldiers, Mr. Scheungraber commanded his soldiers to shoot three Italian men and one woman. The prosecutors said he then ordered that another 11 civilians be herded into a barn that was then blown up…” Full Story.

They probably won’t have to spend much on housing him in prison now…

Hitler got things done and Max Mosley would do a ‘super job’ leading Britain, says Formula One chief Ecclestone

“Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula 1 chief, was last night accused of spouting ‘demented drivel’ after praising Hitler for ‘getting things done’.

In an outspoken interview, the 78-year-old billionaire, who has been a key figure in motor racing since the Seventies, said he preferred totalitarian regimes to democracies.

He also suggested his close friend Max Mosley – president of the Federation International de l’Automobile – would make a good Prime Minister…”

Full, Brilliant Story

FW 190

I’ve been brushing up on my working knowledge (lol) of the FW 190, and came across the best “Wow, I wish I’d found that in the woods behind my house” video of all time (see below)…this whole military relic hunting thing is pretty cool. Of course, it goes without saying that war is bad, the Nazi regime was evil, the swastika is a symbol of hate now thanks to Hitler, etc… But shoot, what a plane. What a plane…

According to Wiki:

“The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Würger, was a German, single-seat, single-engine fighter aircraft designed by Kurt Tank in the late 1930s. It was used by the Luftwaffe during World War II. It partially replaced the Messerschmitt Bf 109 in 1941. Over 20,000 were manufactured, including around 6,000 fighter-bomber models. Production ran from 1941 to the end of hostilities, during which time the aircraft was continually updated. Its later versions retained qualitative parity with Allied fighter aircraft. The Fw 190 was well-liked by its pilots, and was quickly proven to be superior in all but turn radius to the Royal Air Force’s main front-line fighter, the Spitfire Mk. V variant, on its combat debut in 1941.The early Fw 190As performance decreased at high altitudes which complicated its use as a high altitude interceptor. These complications were mostly rectified in later models and the introduction of the Focke-Wulf Fw 190D variant. Like the Bf 109, the Fw 190 was employed as a “workhorse”, and proved suitable for a wide variety of roles, including air superiority fighter, strike fighter, ground-attack aircraft, escort fighter, and night fighter. Some of the Luftwaffe’s most successful fighter aces flew the Fw 190. Erich Rudorffer claimed 222 kills, Otto Kittel 267 victories, and Walter Nowotny 258 victories. A great many of their kills were claimed while flying the Fw 190…”

If you find an Fw 190 in Russia outside of Leningrad, do you stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting to keep it, and maybe sell it on Ebay, or does VladPut get to claim it to go along with Nazi war booty?

My interest in these old planes, war relics, military history in general…chalk it up to boys will be boys. How could you not think it cool to stumble across an Fw 190 whilst hiking through the woods?

This forum discusses the story behind the Fw 190 in the forest.

ME109 vs. Heavy Bomber


WTF? I just asked about the origin of the item. Why bother? Ummm, because I want to buy the item if it’s a good deal, and you, presumably, want to sell it?


Before I started cycling, I played soccer, and attempted to play baseball (I was a lousy ball player!). I loved going to Pirates’ games though, and also was an avid baseball card collector and autograph hunter!

I still enjoy an occasional night out at the ballpark; I’m riding my bike again, and my interest in autographs has returned. Rather than those of first basemen, however, I’m now taking an interest in signatures of WW2 fighter aces – specifically German Luftwaffe fliers! I’ve made a couple of very modest acquisitions, and have learned an extraordinary amount from one dealer in particular.

I’d like to heartily endorse AUTORAZZI91, whose Ebay store is full not just of pilots’ signatures, but those of a whole host of famous and historical figures, including John McCain, Bill Clinton, Kevin Costner and even the driver of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel!

Stop by his shop, and browse an amazing collection. And why deal with this particular vendor? Well, besides his delivering a quality product, he has a great mentality. He himself told me:

“…The other reason that I like to offer signatures online is that I feel that autographs from veterans will permanently preserve the individual legacies of each of these extraordinary men. As the autographs that I have sold to customers from all over the world are passed down from generation to generation I know it will carry on the individual legacies of these remarkable veterans with them…”

Bravo! And to B.S.: I do think this is a controllable hobby, and the bike will remain my number one distraction from the serious side of life.

Real-life FAQ – What kind of Clients do You Have to Deal With that This Enters Your FAQ?

If you have a problem with anything we are more than happy to help you. But if you choose to call me a Punk in an e mail, or call and say some ‘DICK’ messed up my order, I will just laugh and delete it or hang up. Some people don’t have the patience to let us help them.

Q: “Do you have Japanese Naval Paratrooper uniforms in size 58 X-short? How ’bout a Damascus dagger for $100? Come on, you sure you don’t have one hiding in the back somewhere??”
Use your heads people. We get seriously nutty requests all the time. If it’s not on the site, we don’t do it! Many characters seem to think that we have a special hoard of hard-to-find or super rare items that we forget to advertise, but if they hassle us enough, we’ll give in and share the treasure. We may be rude, but we aren’t stupid.

Why does your FAQ sound so obnoxious?
A: For some reason, helmets seem to inspire or mesmerize people in ways that other militaria does not. Some guys lose all sense of logic an
d reason when it comes to “their helmet”. “Their helmet” is the only one in the world, the last of a dying breed and it should be treated with distinction. It is more important than their children, pets or Playboy collection. The only thing that can dislodge “their helmet” from it’s exalted perch is….. a new helmet. Basically, many otherwise rational humans go ape-shit (kind of like teenage boys after their first grope) and act like complete nitwits if they think that their helmet is in any sort of danger for a split second. Dealing with this temporary psychosis has resulted in our semi-draconian helmet policies.

Q: “I want a perfect specimen, with no dings, blemishes or wear of any kind. I do not understand why you morons don’t have anything less than pristine specimens. That’s what I WANT and the customer is always right. Don’t you inbreds know that???”
Nearly all of these have dings or small dents. We have complained bitterly to Reichminister Speer’s office, but have as yet to receive satisfaction. There is no reason that a military helmet should acquire any imperfection over such a short period as 55 or 60 years.

Until Mr. Speer gives us an answer, we’ll have to resign ourselves to the sad fact, boys and girls, that these are original steel helmets, that happened to go through something called a “war”. Now, since many of you don’t see
m to comprehend just what a “war” is, let us give you a very basic idea. People from different countries, do their utmost to hurt each other very badly… sometimes they even kill each other. They use a variety of devices, including guns, cannons, bombs, chemicals (nasty ones), and occasionally they still throw rocks. Helmets are used to protect the participants’ (soldiers’) skulls from damage from flying metal, debris, bricks, stones, tree limbs and sometimes parts of small animals or other participants. As one might imagine, with this many bad things flying around during a war, some evidence of use is inevitable.

Yes, we sound condescending. But after being lambasted by legions of crack smokers who think these things were stored in a padded vault, lovingly wrapped in shock-proof Teflon containers awaiting to be unsealed only when the discerning collectors beckoned, we’re just a little jaded. These helmets are not heavily damaged, but a small ding or scrape is to be expected. OK?

Used with permission