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No Longer Looking Back…only pa’ adelante!


“Footsteps in the sand
Quickly washed away:
The seashore mind.”

Going to the beach means walking in fresh air, listening to the sound of waves, feeling the grit of sand beneath out feet. The narrow ribbon between land and ocean is a perfect place to understand the mind of wisdom. Just as there is a dynamic balance between sand and water, so too is there a dynamic equilibrium between the quiescent and active sides of our minds. Just as the sand is constantly being washed, so too should we keep our minds free of lingering impressions.

We often let thoughts, regrets, and doubts from past activities carry over into the present. This leads us to conflict. Instead of allowing this to happen, we should act without leaving consequences. This requires great thoroughness. Such completeness is challenging, but to succeed is to live perfectly. By resolving the problems of each day to our utmost satisfaction, we attain the sublime purity of a beach constantly washed by waves.

San Francisco, CA

Fisherman’s Wharf

USS Pampanito
Fisherman’s Wharf

R&R in NorCal

Goat Harvest

I can’t imagine that this will be well-received, but … it was a legitimate component of my ranch vacation last week in California…

Gunslinger, SWAT, lions and tigers oh my!

Ranch Weekend, Colt .44 Peacemaker

Tactical Vest use at SJPD client-site

Elina, JP and Holly, Ranch Weekend

Me, Beers, a Glock and Cowboy Hat + Boots = Redunkulous