Ferrari to pay-off Raikkonen

Ferrari are reportedly set to dump Kimi Raikkonen at the end of this season, offering the Finn a massive pay-off to step aside for Fernando Alonso.

Rumours of Raikkonen’s pending dismissal began last season when poor results and what appeared to be a lack of motivation on the 2007 World Champion’s behalf grabbed headlines.

The speculation grew this year as the Finn competed in his debut World Rally Championship event, even revealing that rallying could be his future line of work when his current Ferrari deal expires at the end of 2010.

According to The Sun, a Formula One insider has revealed that the Scuderia are intent on dumping Raikkonen, offering him a massive pay-off.

‘They say the Italian giants have told the 2007 World Champion he can have half the value of his 2010 contract – thought to be worth £25million – to end it one year early,’ the tabloid has reported.

Should Raikkonen part ways with Ferrari at the end of the season it would pave the way for Alonso’s arrival with the double World Champion believed to already have a contract for 2011.


Barrichello: Blah Blah Blah!

Rubens Barrichello lashed out after Brawn strategy cost him more points in German Grand Prix (12 July 2009).

I missed this while in Italy or wherever I was, but it’s brilliant. I don’t know if Barrichello was in the right or wrong, but – FINALLY – an F1 driver sticks it to his team and doesn’t tow the party-line in the post-race interview.

Rubens Barrichello slammed his Brawn team after falling from first to sixth during the German Grand Prix:

“There was a great show from the team today of how to lose a race. I did all I could today, I got first at the first corner, and they made me lose the race.”

He added:

“If we keep going like this we’re going to lose both championships. To be very honest with you I wish I could get on a plane and just go home, because when I go to the team afterward there will be a lot of ‘blah, blah, blah’ and I don’t want to hear that right now.”

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is back! Wow!

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Hitler got things done and Max Mosley would do a ‘super job’ leading Britain, says Formula One chief Ecclestone

“Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula 1 chief, was last night accused of spouting ‘demented drivel’ after praising Hitler for ‘getting things done’.

In an outspoken interview, the 78-year-old billionaire, who has been a key figure in motor racing since the Seventies, said he preferred totalitarian regimes to democracies.

He also suggested his close friend Max Mosley – president of the Federation International de l’Automobile – would make a good Prime Minister…”

Full, Brilliant Story

Max Mosley vs. FOTA

“A defiant Max Mosley has told the FIA that he now has no option but to consider standing once again as president, in light of what he sees as an ‘unjustified’ attack on the governing body by Formula 1 teams and manufacturers…” Read more.

FOTA is standing for the core values of F1. Max Mosley and the FIA do not.

Max Mosley and Nazi hookers, however…now that’s a different story, always worth dredging up…

Martin Brundle Drives Williams F1

After 25 years as a racing driver, ITV-F1 pundit Martin Brundle investigates the physical effects of driving a Formula 1 car. In this feature, he performs a series of laps in a Williams Toyota FW29 racecar, demonstrating the mental and physical challenges, including the G-force effects simulated by state of the art graphics, a Formula 1 driver faces during a Grand Prix.

I’m getting one of these for the Audi…

…to replace the stock steering-wheel.