Andreas Knickman, son of cycling great Roy Knickman, Has Cancer

Remember US Cycling Legend Roy Knickman? Recently, his 13 year-old son Andreas was diagnosed with cancer.

“Sep 11, 2009 – NEWBURY PARK, CALIF.–Newbury Park teen Andreas Knickman was diagnosed with bone cancer on July 8, 2009 and immediately underwent surgery to repair his leg and to remove a nodule in his lung. He is now receiving chemotherapy at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.”

Roy talks about what it has meant to him and his family over at competetor radio. Thanks to Doucheblog for the head’s up.

You can learn more about Andreas’s current state via

Folks interested in making a donation to help the Knickman’s can get more information here, or they should contact Jill Shaffer at 805-480-0309 (e-mail:

[Editor’s note: yes, a special thanks to Doucheblog for the heads up and for reposting information on this tragic story, which is an unjust companion to the illness of the son of another cycling great who is also a friend of Pappillon.]