Cycling Team Cars

In a recent post I referenced the custom roof racks that were mounted on a team car in Venezuela. Those racks are not your father’s Yakima’s…

Here are some links that show in some detail just how different a proper team car roof rack is from what’s on offer from Thule or the other manufacturers (I think – correct me if I’m wrong):

Pez ProTour Team Cars Story

Google Image Link

Top-9 Cycling Team Vehicles

And who the heck knew there was an entire Wikipedia category, “Team cars of professional cycling teams”? Sweet. I should have gone there first.

I’m getting one of these for the Audi…

…to replace the stock steering-wheel.

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FS: Four (4) Enkei Sportline Rims + Tires

Rims are a 4×100 lug pattern (very common with imports); and possibly 4×115.
The rims are in fairly good condition with some rash. The tires are almost new, all are Yokohama 205/40/17, but 3 are A520’s while 1 is an ES100ZR.

Price: $350


Local (15232) Pick-up only – no shipping.

Dead End in Detroit for White-Collar Workers

Dead End in Detroit for White-Collar Workers
Published: February 17, 2009

“The resolve of Detroit’s white-collar workers has given way to grim resignation as General Motors, Ford Motor and Chrysler have announced more and more job cuts.

This article is sobering… My dad was a white collar GM worker. He died back in 1989 when he was 52, so he’d have been retired by now, but still…I love cars and I love the auto industry and this is a crappy time…

GM will keep at least one loyal customer, though unfortunately she’s not one who the company stands to make much money off of: my mom. She can buy GM cars at “employee cost” through the GM Family First employee purchase program (as can my brother and me), but really – in this market? GM dealers are hardly working off of big margins and it’s not like there is a lack of supply that is boosting up prices. Rather, the lack of demand for GM products has ground the price of GM’s offerings into the dirt. Sad, sad days.

And with Bob Lutz bowing out as head of GM’s global product development at such a watershed moment… It’s now only a matter of time until the company is compelled to declare bankruptcy, though hopefully something viable emerges from the ashes. Poorly managed for too many years with endless production runs of vehicles that did not appeal to a wide enough market segment? Yes. But still, this company is close to my heart – it was the company in which my father (God rest his soul) built his career. It deserves better than what we’re seeing.

If You’ve Gotta Go…

Were this my final road and mode of transport, I would not complain…

Maserati Gran Turismo-S

Current issue of Maserati Monthly = car porn.
Gran Turismo-S main page (with Flash video) = even better car porn.

(Note to my family, I am not considering suicide or obsessed with death. I am, however, obsessed with the Maserati Gran Turismo-S.)

Envirofascists are Killing Motorsports

Motorsports is under attack headline #1: Honda quits F1
Motorsports is under attack headline #2: Subaru abandons WRC

I hope that we don’t see a massive pan-industry withdrawal from motorsports as a result of cost-cutting moves taken for the benefit of ‘effective’ PR in the age of the gov’t bailout.

Despite the positive returns delivered by motorsports participation in such areas as technical development and brand enhancement, even those manufacturers that can afford to stay in racing (like Ferrari) may feel pressured to curtail sponsorship or withdraw completely (like Subaru or Honda) so that the “public,” the mainstream media and now, unfortunately, the federal government, don’t accuse them of insufficient “belt-tightening.”

I fear for the automobile in this country if the envirofascists get their way and are able to dictate the production of vehicles that no one wants to buy, but which are forced upon us in the name of saving the environment…

So in addition to stocking up on guns and ammo, one might want to consider squirreling-away a V12 or bi-turbo or even a Geländewagen before we’re all forced to buy battery-operated “cars.”

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