And Haters, They Gonna Hate

Totally over-the-top level of Papp-Hate, in my opinion. So hateful, in fact, that it is almost loving. After all, who goes through this much work to create such iconography if they don’t care intensely about their subject…
Thank you to the unknown artist, and to Doucheblog Cycling for leaking the hate so we could expose it to the light. Oh, and Mr. Artist, Jesus just called to notify me that the Devil takes possession of your soul in 6 mos. 

“Playas, they gonna play.
And haters, they gonna hate.
Ballers, they gonna ball.
Shot callers, they gonna call.
That ain’t got nothin’ to do
With me and you…”

UPDATED: From the Wires – Burt Hoovis on Tiger and Lance

Occasional contributor to Pappillon, Burt Hoovis, offers us today a delightful skewering of the notion of running as cross-training, Lance Armstrong, and Tiger. Excerpt below:

In case that image doesn’t reproduce well, here it is again:


Update: A Pappillon reader takes umbrage with a Hoovis reprising, and all of our words seem to match those of someone who would be interested in the Special Olympics.

Andreas Knickman, son of cycling great Roy Knickman, Has Cancer

Remember US Cycling Legend Roy Knickman? Recently, his 13 year-old son Andreas was diagnosed with cancer.

“Sep 11, 2009 – NEWBURY PARK, CALIF.–Newbury Park teen Andreas Knickman was diagnosed with bone cancer on July 8, 2009 and immediately underwent surgery to repair his leg and to remove a nodule in his lung. He is now receiving chemotherapy at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.”

Roy talks about what it has meant to him and his family over at competetor radio. Thanks to Doucheblog for the head’s up.

You can learn more about Andreas’s current state via

Folks interested in making a donation to help the Knickman’s can get more information here, or they should contact Jill Shaffer at 805-480-0309 (e-mail:

[Editor’s note: yes, a special thanks to Doucheblog for the heads up and for reposting information on this tragic story, which is an unjust companion to the illness of the son of another cycling great who is also a friend of Pappillon.]

Reason Magazine

Anyone out there besides Hoovis read it?
And $10.00 to the first person who tells me exactly how to edit my Blogger Blog template to change the default color for hyperlink text (like Hoovis’s name above). Contact me at the usual address.

CSI Myths: The Shaky Science Behind Forensics

Hat Tip to Burt: “This is good: Popular Mechanics puts together a well written article on the crap that passes for Forensic Science in light of numerous prosecutions based on bite mark evidence, ballistics IDs, and fingerprinting being overturned as a result of more reliable data becoming available (e.g., DNA analysis). Good stuff to think about if you’re ever called to Jury Duty.” – Burt Hoovis (Lance Armstrong Doped)

Article lead: “Forensic science was not developed by scientists. It was mostly created by cops, who were guided by little more than common sense. And as hundreds of criminal cases begin to unravel, many established forensic practices are coming under fire. PM takes an in-depth look at the shaky science that has put innocent people behind bars…”

New Poll – Cycling Death Watch 1

Per the recommendation of Burt Hoovis, Pappillon features its first-ever poll: Which velo-drama will happen first?

[NOTE: Poll is in right-side menu bar at top of the column —->]

This Cycling Death Watch asks the question: will Rock Racing kick the bucket before Philly, leaving Paco Mancebo on the dole, or will the race once known as the CoreStates United States Pro Cycling Championship (which was won by Roberto Gaggioli of all people in 1988) disappear from the calendar and fade into the wikipedia category, “Defunct cycling races,” alongside former monuments like the Thrift Drug Classic and the Tour de Trump?

I’m not a gambling man, but if I was, I’d still have no idea how to handicap this or even offer odds. So, if anyone from the old team is in my audience, please feel free to lay down some odds in a comment to this post.

I’ll leave option #3 in the poll until you guys tell me in great enough numbers that it’s inappropriate or otherwise confusing the issue (guess not, didn’t realize that once a vote is cast the poll can no longer be edited)…and Gag’, if you’re out there and can email me a digital photo of you crossing the line at Corestates, or even a scan of the old Michelin advert., I’d appreciate it.

Finally, anyone else like how this image (reproduced on the right) shows up on page three of a Google search for photos of Gag‘? And no, that is not Gaggioli’s ex-wife Lynn, who can be seen in the screen cap below…

To write or not to write (a book) + How an Anti-Doping Control was Defeated

Several times it’s been suggested to me by everyone from friends to members of the mainstream media (and friends in the mainstream media) that I should write a book about my “life story.” The saga of Yuliet’s escape from Cuba and flight across Europe before being kidnapped and forcibly repatriated is terrible – but compelling – and my insights into the dark world of doping in sport (ie., what really goes on and how it happens) are two segments of what could be an engaging (if short) read. Think an American version of “Breaking the Chain”, except not just about doping (and with a better cover)!

Love, betrayal, international intrigue, Apache gunships, juvenille humor (for that I’d consult Burt Hoovis), crime, punishment, redemption, confusing sentence structures, gratuitous use of foreign words…it would be a classic in our time!

Until then, I thought I’d provide you all with an anecdote about one way in which I saw an anti-doping control defeated…BUT – I’ll have to get back to this later as I have a meeting in Robinson in 45min.