Hello world!

This blog is not a replacement for the original Pappillon, which soldiers on at Blogger. Rather, I had a few spare minutes and a flash of creativity (or was that just a hot flash) and I decided to try to recreate Pappillon on the WordPress.com platform. I didn’t realize it was going to be a bit harder than I thought, but I’ll figure it out eventually. If anyone knows how to do this in a streamlined process and will assist me FOC, msg me at the usual address or go to www.joepapp.com.

We Interrupt Posting Based on Fear and Loathing (and Dread) for a Laugh and an Ad Preview

Since Pappillon cashed-out of the CDO market just before the global financial collapse, we’ve been paying on the Ferrari by the ads this blog generates. While most are simple Google text ads, certain posts earn full-size, full-color advertisements from major brands. Though they haven’t brought in enough revenue yet to add a Porsche to the fleet (and we hope you’re clicking on those ads, people!), they’re a source of pride (and occasional bemusement, like when the “Give a Goat” ad showed up last week) and are steadily filling-up what will one day be an art exhibition-like collection of screen caps.

I don’t know when we’ll open the exhibition, but when we do, it will feature classics like this Lenovo Sells ThinkPads to People Interested in Reading About the Horror that Tim Montgomery’s Life Has Become, Thanks, in part, to Doping:

Hmmm, that T400 looks nice, and it would be a great replacement for my nearly-drowned vintage 2004 T42p ThinkPad that I bought off Ebay for $200 last year…

Oh, and the goat? Check it out:

WTF? Truth in Advertising?

Reason Magazine

Anyone out there besides Hoovis read it?
And $10.00 to the first person who tells me exactly how to edit my Blogger Blog template to change the default color for hyperlink text (like Hoovis’s name above). Contact me at the usual address.

Moving Forward

With the unexpected death of another close family member, the onset of what looks to be a cold, dreary, rainy, gray Fall in Pittsburgh (and the difficulty many, myself included, face in motivating themselves to train outdoors – or IN! – in such conditions), and an ongoing personal uncertainty around the next few months and in which direction I’ll ultimately be able to move (though if I had my choice it would be either West to Southern California (forevermore known as “SoCal“) or South into The Tropics or the Southern Cone until it was again sunny and 78F in Pittsburgh.

Alas, cruel world, neither are options. Therefore, in order that this blog not decay or become stale, dead or worse – an unending stream of me posting about how crappy the weather is and what my current blood values are – I’ve given my Italian contirbutor, Allesandro Ballanserezi√≥ne, free reign for the foreseeable future to start dropping posts full of his swarthy Mediterranean humor, sunny disposition, twisted Italo-Catholic sense of propriety, and hopefully, love of beautiful women. Pappillon would like to state for the record that it recognizes Doucheblog Cycling as the original proponent of the “Add a picture of a hot chick to   so-so   workman-like written content and your readers will be pleased” theory of blogging. What is it they say, that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?