#F1 Features: The Fall of the Empire, Part One: The inevitable goes unseen

Adam Parr’s departure from F1 was a loss for forward-thinking fans of the business of the sport.


Sometimes you can just be too close to the situation. As it unfolds, events may appear to be similar to something you’ve seen many times before, and so the natural assumption is that the outcome will once again be similar.

A number of contributors to TJ13 have in recent weeks contacted via social media, senior F1 folk of gravitas; with many years’ experience in the sport and of solid reputation. Questions have been posed over the apparent and ever increasing random meanderings, destructive comments and opinions voiced by the once F1 Supremo.

The response has been interesting. Whilst a number of these individuals are in no way devotees of the great small man, amongst them is almost a universal belief that whatever Bernie does, he is one step ahead of the rest. Further, there is a confidence in Bernie’s ‘plan’ and that it will see him coming up smelling of…

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