An extraordinary FIA public offensive

An extraordinary FIA public offensive.

Great job reporting and commenting on this, Your Honour. I stopped at another site where alleged F1 Fanatics gather, and saw no mention of this as a lead item, though it may’ve been embedded in one update or another.

This is great that you’re leading with it right now.

And I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments you express vis-a-vis Red Bull Racing’s willingness to bring the sport of F1 into disrepute by lodging a frivolous appeal at the same time they seek to undermine the very foundation of fair and and level playing field (track surface? lol): the ability of FIA to apply and enforce a uniform set of rules applicable to all 11 teams.

When RBR lose their appeal, they should face additional sanction for bringing the sport of F1 into disrepute.

I don’t think any F1 fan would object to a team appealing a truly unjust, unfair, or incorrect ruling, but this is a transparent, near-naked attempt by RBR to undermine a fundamental regulatory regime simply because their Renault engine is, for once, limiting their car’s performance.

For shame, RBR – for shame!


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