Daryl Impey (soon-to-be Radio Shack) Rides his Bike (turbo) PURE and Remarkably Fast!

Daryl Impey-Barloworld, now Radio shack rides his bike(turbo)... on Twitpic“Daryl Impey – Barloworld, now Radio Shack, rides his bike(turbo) pure and remarkably fast” BikePure

My comments: Bravo, Daryl. But the real achievement will be made when supporting anti-doping in cycling as a pro means more than just wearing the blue band or inserting the blue headset spacer. Action is the ultimate gesture of solidarity and commitment to the fight against sporting fraud, doping in sport and the protection of the athletes’ physical and mental health and well-being. Don’t get me wrong, it takes balls to sign for LA, Inc’s team and sport the BikePure logo, but it takes even more balls to NOT have been caught doping but still rat out other dopers or expose corruption in the system.

My only fear is that the BikePure brand is going to be co-opted by the dopers themselves, who will sport the BP Blue as a badge that, at first glance, may deflect suspicion and buy them some tenuous, top-level credibility and allow them to escape scrutiny. I know Myles and Andy are reading this and are probably three steps ahead of my thinking at this point, but it would be crushingly demoralizing if a current pro and BikePure supporter were to ever test positive. Let’s hope for the best, eh?

In the meanwhile, hustle on over to the BikePure Store and pick-up your own BP gear. And Bike Shops especially should consider the BikePure Shop Pack:

bikepure shop pack: Show your support for the future of cycle sport. Pack contents:- 30 bands (both sizes) – Plus shop window sticker, – 3 bands and spacers for staff. For Sale @2 each. 30*2= 60 -Cost from BP = 30… [Editor’s note: Sounds like a good deal.]

So troops, make your voice heard in the fight against doping in cycling by displaying the BikePure wristband and headset spacer!

And yes, I did race against at least one of the BikePure founders! See if you can find him in this results sheet from the Irish Rás!


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