Classic Photos

Found some vintage photos to add to my collection on FaceBook. The full album is here. If you click on the link and for some reason FB knocks you back and says that the content isn’t available, then you might need to go through the laborious process of “friending” me (put “cycling” in the message), but in the end it will be worth it – I promise. Here are a few examples:

Sean Kelly wins 1992 MSR – Eurosport video coverage

The Dancing Girls of Mapei – OK!

Matt T. (Matt what was your last name?) getting funky @ 1994 Vuelta a Venezuela

Me sitting pretty on the French Riviera – nice hair/mop!

2 Responses

  1. wicked jersey man! i wish i was that young again. i hate oldness.

  2. Look at how thin Kelly's legs are, too. And his skin is translucent. And his helmet is dorky. Would Kelly have looked good or like a tool in one of the new Giro's? I bet he would have rocked that old Briko helmet with the three holes that Cipo' used to wear: is a better shot: remember what model that was called?

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