It’s HOT in Cuba and the Fans Don’t Work

Think it’s hot where you live? Think your AC unit doesn’t cool off your Burbank apartment quickly enough? Think everything is paradise in Cuba? I invite you to watch this, then.

Sudando la Gota Gorda
Documental de Katy Watson, Joey Seager, Winston Bell y Helen Woolston, 2008. (EICTV)

One Response

  1. wow, what an interesting piece. who would have thought that fixing fans was such a big business. but i guess when that's the thing you depend on to keep cool and it costs more than 4 times your monthly wages you need to get it fixed! but what's up with the car alarm going off around 5:30 in the clip? i don't believe that an alarm is in a '57 chevy. before that i felt bad about pausing my dvr while watching a man stuff his face w/ too much food in man vs. food!!

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