Mavic Zap

Before the was Shimano Di2, there was:

I don’t know how, but I ended up with two sets of Zap wiring looms – one of which is brand-new and still in the original box. Lol. An old discussion of Mavic electronic shifting, here.

UPDATED (Sept. 11): Tired of reading about doping and looking at pictures from 2006? Do you have Mavic Zap componentry? Or a complete Zap-equipped bike? Willing to share photos for publication (attribution not necessary, so you can remain anonymous)? If so, leave a comment and I’ll be in touch. I’m happy to publish any and all Zap-related photos. I’m not willing to sell my Zap looms though, unless the offer is ridiculously rich. If you DO have a Zap-bike, stay in touch, though, and when your system eventually fails…haha, just kidding. Send those pics though!


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  1. Hey there,Are you interested in selling your Zap wiring looms?If so, please drop me a line at jomahone@gmail.comThanks,Jayson

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