New Blood Values – Updated

UPDATED (Sept.6): this is the level at or about which we were encouraged to race in 2006:

This is the level at which I find myself now, which is about four points below what was normal, healthy, non-EPO baseline for me before the madness:

58 – 50 – 38 (Hct) – Possible Lotto #?

4 Responses

  1. I'm confused. You're proud of your blood levels, why? I came across this blog via someone elses so I may be a little out of tune on why, but I'm just asking. Most of what I encounter is all political or complaining about stuff. Never blood stuff.Good stuff otherwise

  2. Not proud. Just posting the two for comparison so that the effects of doping are clear.

  3. New Nickname: "Mr. 58%"? No wonder you could out-climb Pedro Pablo Perez and co. Sheesh.

  4. Joe–did you guys rarely do UCI blood tested races (I know you did a ton of UCI races), or did the team know in advance and make sure you were sub-50?Just curious.

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