Before I started cycling, I played soccer, and attempted to play baseball (I was a lousy ball player!). I loved going to Pirates’ games though, and also was an avid baseball card collector and autograph hunter!

I still enjoy an occasional night out at the ballpark; I’m riding my bike again, and my interest in autographs has returned. Rather than those of first basemen, however, I’m now taking an interest in signatures of WW2 fighter aces – specifically German Luftwaffe fliers! I’ve made a couple of very modest acquisitions, and have learned an extraordinary amount from one dealer in particular.

I’d like to heartily endorse AUTORAZZI91, whose Ebay store is full not just of pilots’ signatures, but those of a whole host of famous and historical figures, including John McCain, Bill Clinton, Kevin Costner and even the driver of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel!

Stop by his shop, and browse an amazing collection. And why deal with this particular vendor? Well, besides his delivering a quality product, he has a great mentality. He himself told me:

“…The other reason that I like to offer signatures online is that I feel that autographs from veterans will permanently preserve the individual legacies of each of these extraordinary men. As the autographs that I have sold to customers from all over the world are passed down from generation to generation I know it will carry on the individual legacies of these remarkable veterans with them…”

Bravo! And to B.S.: I do think this is a controllable hobby, and the bike will remain my number one distraction from the serious side of life.


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