More Interesting WWII History Footage

For the WWII history buff, this content is fascinating:

[link deleted because it was giving me trouble]

“WORLD WAR II SHOWN FROM GERMAN PERSPECTIVE. Mostly TV Documentaries and History books only shows the Allied´s side point-of-view of the conflict. In this channel, we show the point-of-view from Axis´s side.

This material is taken from German Wartime Newsreels, Wehrmacht training films, 16 and 35mm footage. All videos are in original format and sound.”

Here is another great link: WWII in Color

“Welcome to a great collection of World War II photographs on the Internet. Experience World War II like you never seen it before by viewing some of the most dramatic photos taken during the war. Contribute to history by posting your comments on each photo. Videos are coming soon.”


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