Risk Takers – Talkin’ Sh*t on Cuba

Until Obama was inaugurated, I could have counted on Manuel Tellechea or KillKastro to expose the stupidity of the US govt’s anti-Cuban policy, but those days are gone. If they were still with us, MaT or KC would deliver a scathing critique of the commentary that accompanied the “Coast Guard” episode of the Discovery show “Risk Takers,” which aired for me last night on the HD Theater channel. It was actually an entertaining, engaging show, and I would have walked away giving it two thumbs up but not paying it a second though…until they closed with footage from an actual “mission,” in which a Coast Guard crew out of Key West interdicted what they described angrily, with bile in the throat and bitterness on the tounge, as “human traffickes”: two guys piloting a boat bringing a family of Cubans to political and personal freedom in the United States.

The sanctimonious hypocrisy that leads otherwise well-intentioned, Johnny Appleseed Americans to draw weapons and point them at a husband and wife and frightened children who are attempting to escape Castro’s gulag for the freedoms and opportunity that most fat, lazy, apathetic, complacent, weak, ignorant, loser Americans take for granted is sickening. Though I suppose it’s possible, I can’t imagine that these same “defenders” of America (and American Policy) would have thrown East Berliners back over the Wall and to their certain imprisonment and perhaps death during the Cold War. But that’s functionally what the US Coast Guard does each time it stops – at gunpoint – unarmed Cubans fleeing totalitarianism and returns them to the waiting torturers of the godless, criminal Castro regime.


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