More on the F1 Diffuser Controversy

I asked one of you to explain the F1 Diffuser Controversy to my readers. Here was your response:

“In a little more detail all three diffuser teams used very different methods to achieve the same result.

Williams created channels that exhaust the air over the top of the current diffuser into a low pressure zone beneath the rear wing.

Toyota created channels around the rear light that look like extended diffuser vanes (though still comply with the rules).

Brawn used the most effective design yet though. They cut a large chunk out of the main diffuser and mixed the other two concepts in as well. This results in a much larger surface area than the other two giving a larger performance boost as in diffusers size matters!!

All three basically end up creating a second deck acting as an additional diffuser even if they originate on an unsprung section of the body.

All the diffuser teams are noticeably more stable through high and low speed corners. The other teams are attempting to compensate for the extra grip of the front tires now they are slicks as most seemed to have underestimated the grip levels available from the front end of the car under the revised rules.”

McLaren MP4-24 – rear diffuser design

Toyota TF109 – rear diffuser design

Williams FW31 – rear diffuser design


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