Italian migration policy draws fire

From the BBC, this story on Italian migration policy. As you read through the report, keep in mind this key line: “…most have no legal right to be in Italy.”

“Italy has been transformed in recent decades from a nation of emigrants to a target country for mass immigration. Aidan Lewis reports on the Italian government’s response to the tensions that have ensued, and the concerns raised by human rights groups and Italy’s European partners.

Edward Ampadu stands with his companions in a damp, abandoned factory that is home for the winter to more than 600 African immigrants. There is just one tap, and the men are living in shelters made from cardboard boxes, squatting while they look for work picking citrus fruit in the fields of Calabria, on the country’s southern toe.

Most arrived by a dangerous route through the Sahara desert and across the Mediterranean, and most have no legal right to be in Italy.

“Everybody here is struggling,” says Edward, a 42-year-old from Ghana. A poor harvest means fewer jobs to go round this year, he says, and the migrants say they need help to survive…”

Full Story.


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