Visconti Voyager Limited Edition Demonstrator


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  1. very phallic

  2. Is it for sale?

    • Hi Ulfe – thanks for your comment. The VVLED is not for sale, nor would I expect it to be in the future, as it has great sentimental value to me – besides it’s being a cool pen. I appreciate your enquiry though, as it’s nice to know someone actually stumbled across this pen post on my blog. Cheers!

      • Okay, thank you very much. I clicked on a picture, btw ā€” didn’t realise it was a 2009 post, ahah šŸ˜‰ It was worth asking anyway, it’s such a nice treasure. You do well by keeping it. Cheers!

    • No worries, Ulfe – if you don’t ask, you’ll never know for sure, right?

      Hey, you should touch base with Bryant Greer of Chatterley Luxuries/Pentime in Arizona. He’s the authorized Visconti dealer who originally suggested the pen to me (and then sold me the one he had personally! lol). I have no idea whether or not he might have one available now or be able to source one, but he seems to do a good deal of business w/ Visconti, including both custom orders and closing out stuff for them. He also offers consignments on behalf of other collectors and private sellers. If I was trying to locate a particular pen, he’s definitely the first person I would reach out to (and he’s very pleasant to deal w/).

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment and I’m glad you were intrigued enough by the picture of the pen to investigate further. Cheers

      • Thank you! It’s definitely a great idea talking with someone on the field. They have great stuff in there. Will have a good look / contact, much obliged! I had heard of Chatterley but never really explored their shop. Thanks again.

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