To expect the Castro regime to evolve…

For at least a few more weeks I have the luxury of not having to write about Cuba, because Manuel A.Tellechea at Review of Cuban-American Blogs has been doing such an amazing job. Take this gem of a snippet:

“Nothing is more constant and immutable than barbarism if left unopposed. Castroism, of course, has not just been let alone: it has been encouraged, nurtured and flattered since before 1959. The ignoble savages have been transformed into noble savages; the police state into a welfare state; and the victims of Communism into the villains. But even if it had been otherwise and the world had condemned what it still praises, nothing would have changed in Cuba either. To expect the Castro regime to evolve into anything better than itself is like expecting Genghis Khan to turn into Marcus Aurelius.


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