Quote of the Week? Bagger Actually Calls Rude Moviegoers ‘Twits’

“Last month the Bagger was at an industry preview of “The Reader,” and totally flipped his lid when the couple next to him chattered happily through a scene in which a young man walks silently through a concentration camp. Are you twits really going to talk your way through a scene at a concentration camp? he hissed.”

I love going to the movies, and because I have a friend who is an adept internet pirate, the only time I pay for a film is when I know it is “going to be good.” In those instances, I’ll pull together some of the guys and order-up VIP seats at the AMC Loews Waterfront 22, usually on opening night. Because of the cost premium for the reserved seats, the typical waterfront riff-raff is kept down on the lower level, and it’s rare to have to confront a clueless, rude moviegoer who might ruin my precious and important experience with stupid chit-chat or random texting.

Occasionally though, it happens, but I am now prepared.
Note: Photo above is from the “Coolest Movie Theater in Hong Kong.


2 Responses

  1. He should have called them “twats.”

  2. i think we had a “living out loud” person at the showing of “valkyrie” we went to on xmas day. the tell-tell sign was when she read out loud the words on the screen at the end of the movie. for a second i thought her companion was blind, but that really wouldn’t have made much sense. and that was in the vip section…

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