How to View ALL clips from BBC’s Top Gear

I’m in a surley mood right now. Some time ago I noticed that made many of the videos on their site only playable within the UK. I should really go shopping for food for tonight’s dinner, or finish some sh*t-pile of work that was dumped (by me) in my office, but because I love you as much as Floyd Landis hates me, I’m trying to bring Top Gear back to the masses.

I was researching this all afternoon (not really; it took less than a minute to resolve), and finally came across the following work-around within a thread on Note: I didn’t write this hack, but it seems to do the job. So F’ the BBC and enjoy ALL the Top Gear UK videos…

1. Simply create a bookmark to a particular bit of JavaScript (go directly to the forum post to get the script).

2. Identify a video you’d like to watch, but which is blocked outside of the UK (in this example, I choose Daytona v boat pt.1):

2. Click on the bookmark when you’re on the video page and it’s telling you that the video is UK only and the video loads.

3. Enjoy the clip.


2 Responses

  1. I kind of doubt Landis hates you personally. If I recall correctly, his response was something like “who the *** is Joe Papp?”. More likely he hates the way USADA used you. On his hierarchy of hates, you probably aren’t very high, unless you make a point of working on it.TBV

  2. I think my sarcasm didn’t come across, though that’s ok…that happens w/ the internet. I doubt Floyd thinks of me, let alone hates me…so he’s neutral to me personally…I’m neutral to my audience…or at least if I loved them I would fight for middle east peace, and not something silly like access to Top Gear videos. I was just making a joke in the post but I guess it didn’t come across well. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, though. If I’m low on Floyd’s hierarchy of hates, I’ll do everything I can to stay there or descend further. So, for the record – I don’t think Floyd hates me. I don’t hate Floyd. I do love Top Gear though, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine.Gnite.

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