1. A person who seeks to dictate or control the behavior of others in the name of the environment, and who denies the validity of viewpoints that contradict those of the green lobby.

2. One who argues for the subordination of individual self-interest to the interests of the environment or the green lobby.

ex1: The envirofascist argued that the gasoline-powered car owner’s individual property rights should be invalidated in the interests of a national environmental policy that mandated the use of hybrid vehicles.

ex2: The envirofascists chanted, “All within the environment, nothing outside the environment, nothing against the environment.”

Related to: ecofascism.
Now recognized by: urbandictionary.com.


2 Responses

  1. your blog is very fine……

  2. Wow, I was fired-up when I wrote this post. Not sure why…sorry, tree-huggers!

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