Envirofascists are Killing Motorsports

Motorsports is under attack headline #1: Honda quits F1
Motorsports is under attack headline #2: Subaru abandons WRC

I hope that we don’t see a massive pan-industry withdrawal from motorsports as a result of cost-cutting moves taken for the benefit of ‘effective’ PR in the age of the gov’t bailout.

Despite the positive returns delivered by motorsports participation in such areas as technical development and brand enhancement, even those manufacturers that can afford to stay in racing (like Ferrari) may feel pressured to curtail sponsorship or withdraw completely (like Subaru or Honda) so that the “public,” the mainstream media and now, unfortunately, the federal government, don’t accuse them of insufficient “belt-tightening.”

I fear for the automobile in this country if the envirofascists get their way and are able to dictate the production of vehicles that no one wants to buy, but which are forced upon us in the name of saving the environment…

So in addition to stocking up on guns and ammo, one might want to consider squirreling-away a V12 or bi-turbo or even a Geländewagen before we’re all forced to buy battery-operated “cars.”

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