For Those Who’ve Inquired

me: Riding for fun, occasionally; played tennis this summer – almost no golf. Went back to graduate school this fall, for an MBA. Have met quite a few interesting people over the past two years, and lucky to become great friends with some them. Striving to have a consistently fun, healthy existence.

Note to the Italians: I haven’t gotten fat. Vaffanculo, a chi t’e muerto. haha. Doing well in school (though we are going at full-throttle right now because it’s close to exam time and I’m on a compressed schedule); living in Pittsburgh, PA, where I grew up (though in a different part of the region – Shadyside, which is the kind-of yuppie part of town). Still dreaming of tropical breezes and foccacia, though not necessarily at same time.

Future: we’ll see. Hopefully done with MBA by late-summer ’09, then on to an MPIA in political economy and eventually a career in political risk analysis. Not really interested in racing again, though snowboarding sounds fun.

But seriously, just Facebook me because I’m rarely blogging.


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