Cuban Slang

ABELARDITO.- Studious and arrogant boy.ACHANTADO.- Accommodated, Sluggish.ACHÉ.- Luck, good energy, good star.ACISCADO.- Scared.ADOQUIN.- Obstinate, gross, clumsy.AFINCAR.- To recharge itself with force.AGARRADO.- Avaricious.AGROMERCADO.- Enclosures where products of the field are sold.AHORA.- At this moment.AHORITA.- Soon.AHI NA MA – it’s all here, look no further, this is itAJI.- Garlic.AJUSTADOR.- Intimate article of the woman.ALMENDRON.- Old car ie Chevy, Ford etc Pre RevolutionAMANERADO.- A person without being homosexual is it by gesture.AMAPANGA.- Bad day, nothing works.ÁMBIA. – Friend, known.AMBIENTOSO.- Braggart, troublemakers.ANGUILA.- Slippery.ANTIER.- The day before yesterdayAPEAR.- To be put on the edge, to approach a place.APOSTACIÓN.- Bet.ARDILLA.- Anxious.A REGAÑA DIENTES.- When somebody does something without desire to do it.AREPA.- Lesbian, also says “tortilleras” to them.ARRANCAO.- Person who is without money.ARRASTRADO.- Submissive.ARREBATADO.- Crazy person, lunatic.ASERE.- Friend, “…qué volá asere”

BABOSO.- Tedious.BACAN.- Good, excellent.BACHECHE.- Good person.BACTERIA.- Shirt of smooth fabric and with many drawings.BAJITO DE SAL.- Homosexual.BALA.- Motorcycle; Cigarette.BALLENA.- Fat person.BALLÚ.- Brothel.BAÑADERA.- Bathtub.BAMBOLLA.- Self-sufficiency, importance.BANQUETA.- Bank without small back.BARCO.- Unreliable person.BARIN.- Excellent.BARO.- Money.BARRETIN.- Problem, mess.BATAHOLA.- Trousers with wide legs of the fashion of the Fifties.BATEO.- Discussion.BATEQUEO.- A refreshment drink made of several things (punch).BAYUSERO.- Relaxed, excited.BEJIGO.- Child (only in the eastern provinces)BEJUCO.- Telephone.BEMBA.- The lips of the mouth.BEMBO- The other lips.BERREAO.- Gotten upset, get angry.BICITAXI.- Bicycle taxi.BICHA.- Bad woman, prostitute.BICHO.- Intelligent, astute.BIFTECK.- Steak, fillet.BILONGO.- Witchcraft.BISNE.- Business.BISNERO.- He makes business with the tourists.BITITE.- Eyes, watched.BLOOMERS.- Panties.BLUMER.- Underclothes for women, panties.BODEGA.- Store where the products to the carriers of the “libreta” are given.BOFE.- Unbearable, impertinente.BOLAO.- A type that is bolao, is a person who is very annoying.BOLETA.- Ticket.BOLLO.- Vagina.BOLO.- Russian.BONCHE.- Ridicule, I relax.BONIATO.- Yam, También se hace dulce y se come como vianda.BONI – without moneyBOTAR.- To throw away, to reject.BOTELLA.- (coger ~) to request a gratuitous trip.BRETE.- To form a scandal with lies.BRODE.- Friend, brother.BRUJA.- Witch.BUGARRÓN.- Bisexual man.BURUJÒN.- Many things, like “un burujón de gente” – many people.BUTIN.- Good.

CABALLITO.- Police with motorcycle.CABRON.- He knows everything in the street.CACHIMBO.- Pistol.CACHÙ.- Kechup.CAFRE.- He does´nt understand something.CAGUA.- Hat.CAKE.- Pie, cake.CALAÑA.- Bad person.CALDOSA.- Soup with all “viandas”, well-known meat also like ajiaco in the Eastern provinces.CAMAHÁN.- Wise person, who knows how it works in the street. (”camaján”)CAMAO.- Experimented.CAMBALACHE.- Species of exchange, interchange, black illicit business of stock-market.CAMBOLO.- Great stone.CAMELLO.- Original form of public transport in Havana.CAMIONETA.- van, light truck.CANA.- Prison.CAÑA.- Cuban peso (dame ~); (meter ~) to make love or to approach, to begin something.CANCHA.- Good person.CANDADO.- Beard style knob.CANDELA.- Fire. “Dar candela”: to set fire.CARAMELO.- Good caracter.CARATERRA – (Freeway) In Santiagero also means Easy & Promiscuious femaleCARMELINA.- Rich girl who don´t have to work.CARNE (EN ~).- Out of money.CASINO.- Salsa.CATAO.- Electrical switch.CATERVA.- Great plate of food.CAVILLA.- Sweeps fine of iron that is used in construction.CAYUCADA.- Brutality.CEBORUCO.- Very great stone; stupid person.CEDERISTA.- Member of the CDR.CERQUILLO.- Tuft of trimmed hair that is dropped on the forehead.CHABACANERIA.- Vulgarity.CHALANA.- Great foot, great shoe.CHAMA.- Young boy short form of Chamaco.CHANCE.- Opportunity.CHEO.- Heterosexual for gays.CHERNA.- Homosexual (also: Yegua, pato, bajito de sal).CHEVERE.- Good person.CHICHARRONES.- In slang it’s used to talk about submissive, servile types, that always praise the state, etc.CHIFLIDO.- To have diarrea.CHIVATEAR.- To inform to the authorities of illicit activities.CHIVO.- Bicycle.CHOCHA.- Feminine organ.CHOPIN.- Shop where you can buy only with CUC.CHUSMA.- Bad educated and scandalous person.COBA.- Clothes; (dar ~) speak much.COBIAO.- well dressed.COBIO.- Friend.COCOTAXI.- Motorcycle in form of tricycle with a yellow helmet, used as taxi for tourists.COCOTIMBA.- woman who don´t have hair, generally of black race.CODITOS.- It is paste in form of very short and curved tubitos. (Maccaroni)COJONES.- Balls, testicles. Used as an interjection denoting surprise, annoyance.COLADITO.- Cane brandy of azucar.COMECANDELA.- Communist.COMELONA.- Person who eats much.COMEMIERDA.- Idiot, stupidCOMMUNISMA – Failed Communism in SantiageroCOMPAY.- Friend, good guy.CONDUMIO.- Food.CONGRIS.- Cooked white rice with a sauce of black beans.CONSORTE.- Friend.CONTEO.- Count.CONUCO.- Hut.COÑO.- Cunt. Equivalent to the American fucken eh Normal Cuban expression but can be very offensive to non Cuban latinosCOPIA – ie Mi Copia “do you understand ?”CORTADO.- Stinking.CORTAO.- Stinking, it is used mainly for badly smell of sweat.CRECHE.- Scholarship.CREYÓN.- Labial pencil (of the French crayon).CRICA.- Vagina. specifically clitorisCUADRA.- The block is a section of street measured from corner to corner.CUADRADO.- Extremist.CUATROPUERTAS.- Trouser with great pockets to the sides of the knee.CUCARACHA.- Cockroach.CUENTOS.- Jokes.CULONA – Female who’s biggest physical attribute is her bootyCULITA – Same as CULONA but reverseLILLO.- Impatience.CUMBANCHA.- Party.CURRALO.- Work.CURDA.- Drunkard.CUTARA.- Slipper, only in the Eastern provinces.

DAR CUERO.- To make fun about somebody.DESCARGA.- Meeting between friends with music and songs.DESGREÑADA.- Neglecting, messed up hair, without fixing.DESMAYAR.- Not to pay attention to somebody or something, to despise.DESPELOTE.- Disorder, confusion.DESPINGAR.- To break, to destroy something.DESPLAYARSE.- To loose control.DIVISA.- Foreighn currency.DURO.- Avaricious.

EMBALADO.- Nervous, shaken, under the drug effects.EMBULLAR.- To animate.ENTOLLAR.- To introduce something until the end.ENVOLVENCIA.- Confusion.ESCACHAO.- Someone with economic problems.ESCAPARATE.- Locker.ESPEJUELOS.- Glasses.ESTILLA.- Money.ESTRAYARSE.- To crash.

FA.- Detergent.FAJARSE.- To fight.FANA.- Obscene Word. Sexual segregation. also uselessFAÑOSO.- Voice sounds nasal. offensive disgustingFEDERICO O FEDERICA.- Ugly person.FEONA – Very Ugly Girl (Cola Loca Term. Stgo)FIANA.- The police car.FIÑES.- Children.FILTRO.- Intelligent person.FLEJE.- Skinny person.FLETE.- Prostitution.FLOJO – Slow, weakFONDILLO DE MUJER.- Ass.FONGO.- It is a special type of banana.FORRAO.- Sheltered or with much money.FOSFORERA.- Lighter.FREGAR.- To wash plates, is only used in this case.FRIA.- Beer.FRIO.- The refrigerator.FRUTABOMBA.- Papaya.FUACATA.- Something that does not serve, can the same be a situation, a thing or a person.FUETAZO.- To give a blow somebody.FULA.- U.S. Dollar. also used as insult like foolish or stupidFUNDIDO.- Crazy.

GALLETA.- Slap by the face with the open hand.GANSO.- Homosexual.GAO .- House.GENTUZA.- Bad person.GETA.- Face.GIL.- Stupid. idiot.GLOBERO.- Person who lies.GLOBO.- Lie.GOMA.- Tire, rim.GRAJO.- Badly scent of the armpits.GRILLO.- Prostitute, a cheap one.GUACARA CON GUACARA.- Lesbians.GUACHO.- Farmer.GUACHIPUPA.- Refreshment without gas of homemade preparation.GUAGUA.- Bus.GUAGUANCÓ.- Typical dance.GUAGÜERO.- Driver of guagua.GUAJIRO.- Farmer, provincial.GUANAJO (a).- Stupid.GUANAQUIQUI.- Person with much money (”gunao”).GUAPO.- Problamtic person, who does not understand with anybody, like to fight.GUARACHAR.- To make party, go to dance.GUARAPITO.- Police, the level more under the police. The uniforms are green olive.GUARICANDILLA.- Prostitute.GUAROSO.- Popular.GUAYABA.- Lie.GUBARRÓN.- Bisexual man.GUINEO.- Banana fruit.GÜIRO.- Celebration; head.GUSANO.- Dissident.

HABICHUELA.- Kidney beans.HALE.- Pull (to open a door.)HAMBROSIO.- Great hunger.HAMPANGA (DE~).- bad, conflicting.HERIDO.- Hungry.HIELITOS.- Cubes.HIPOPOTAMO.- Fat person.

IFA.- Humans who transform themselves into Gods of religion YORUGUA.INTIMA.- Compresa sanitary.INVENTAR.- To improvise.IRIA.- Food.

JAIBA.- Great mouth.JALAO.- Drunkard.JAMAR.- To eat.JAVAO.- A black and white mestization where the skin is clear and the hair tends not to be so straight. It is a variant between mulato and white.JETA.- Face.JEVA .- Girlfriend or young women.JICOTEA.- Turtle.JINETERA.- Similar to prostitute, yet different seeks opportunistic relations to meet ones needs, mainly with tourists or foreignersJODEDOR.- Very glad man. Also it is applied to the women.JODER.- To bother.JUGO.- Juice.

KIKIRIQUI.- Person who like to fight.KILLER – anyone who is Crazy at what they do best from Rapping to Fighting to JinetandoKILO.- Cent.KIOSKO.- Where something is sold.

LAGUER.- Beer.LECOVIO.- Friend, but not very near.LENTES.- Contact lenses.LEVY.- Clothes; (Cortar ~) to criticize.LUKING.- Watching.LUZBRILLIANTE.- Kerosene.LYCRAS.- Meshes. Fit trousers.

MAJÁ.- Snake.MAJASEANDO.- To walk with vague.MALA HOJA.- Man or woman who is not good to make the love. Opposite: Buena hoja.MAMI.- Woman.MAMIRRIQUI.- Wonderful women.MAMONCITOS.- Small fruit with hard skin.MAMOTRETO.- Great or heavy great thing.MANEJAR.- Drive a car.MASETERO.- Person with money.MATAVACAS.- Great knife.MATE.- Long, very long kiss. It is also caresses, kisses and contacts in erotic zones, and, in short, a set of games that only excludes the penetration.MÁQUINA.- Car.MECHANICA – Mechanics of a plan, hustle or influenceMECA – Santiagero Modified version of MechanicaMETUSALÉN.- Old man.MEDIAS.- Socks.MEDIO TRONCO.- 50 pesos.MEN.- Friend.MEROLICO.- Craftsman who sells his products.MICKY – Micky Mouse Santiagero tacky, lacking quality or substanceMOJONERA.- Not util.MOLOTO.- Disordered group of people.MOMENTICO.- In a while.MONI.- Money.MONINA.- Brother, also a very good friend.MONJA.- Five pesos.MONO.- Ugly or pretty.MONONA.- Very nice, pretty.MOROPO.- Head.MUELA (DAR~).- Conversacion that never finish.MUÑEQUITOS.- Cartoons.MUSICAL (ESTO ES~).- Without importance.

NARRA.- Chinese.NAWELE.- Friend, known.NENÉ.- Boy, baby.NEGRONA – Very Big or Strong Black WomanNICHE.- Black person.NINFA.- Girl.NO CRANEO – No worries

OBSTINACIÓN.- Boredom.OBSTINANTE.- Tired of something, very boring.ORIENTALES.- Persons from the eastern provinces.OVEJA.- Lamb.

PÁJARO.- Homosexual.PALADAR.- Private restaurant.PALESTINO.- Person of the Eastern provinces.PALO.- Drink of rum.PANTALETA.- Panties.PAPAYA.- Vagina.PAPI.- Man.PAPIAR.- To eat.PAPIRRIQUI.- Affectionate expression towards the man.PARADERO.- Garage, place where the line buses are parked when they are out of service.PARLÉ.- It is a bet in a lottery.PARQUEAR.- To park.PARQUE.- Parking.PARTIDO.- Homosexual; (Estar ~) to be hungry.PASAS.- Hair of black people.PASMADO.- Out of money.PAMAO – Broke No MoneyPASMAR.- To interrupt two people who fall in love or have sex in private.PASTA.- Money.PASTILLA (ES MI ~).- sexual attractive person.PATATÚ.- One became ill suddenly.PATENTE.- Payment of special tax to the government.PATO.- Homosexual.PATÓN.- He can´t dance.PAVA.- Homosexual.PEGA.- Work.PELARLA.- Boring someone.PELEAR.- To fight, to discuss.PELO PASA.- Bad hair: Pelo Malo.PELO CHINO.- Straight hair: Pelo Bueno.PENCO.- Cowardly.PEPILLA.- Young woman who dresses in fashion.PERCHA.- Clothes.PERFILO.- Knife.PERILLA.- Clitoris.PEROL.- Car.PERRO.- (Adj.) good, great.PERSEGUIDORA.- Patrol.PESCADO.- Ten pesos.PESCAO (METER ~).- muy bien.PESTILLO.- Prostitute, “jinetera”.PETARDO.- Cheap prostitute.PETER.- tablet of chocolate.PICO.- Masculine sexual organ.PICUA.- Speak ironic.PIE (METER ~).- amounted to.PILA.- Faucet; (una ~ de) very many.PINCHA.- Work.PINCHO.- High civil employee of the government.PINGA.- Masculine sexual organ, penis.PIÑAZO.- Hit with the closed hand.PIRARSE.- To go away.PISTEAR.- To take a walk.PITÉN.- Game of baseboll in the street.PITUSA.- Jeans.PLUMÓN.- Labeller.POMO.- Plastic bottle.POPIS.- Sport shoes.PRAJO.- Cigarette.PRIETO.- Black.PULLA.- Shoe of woman with very pointed heel.PULOVER.- T-shirt. (the “camiseta” is the underclothes without sleeves, the outer t-shirt is called “pulover”)PUNTO.- Wild person, person of immoral or innobles conducts; “pestillo”.PURA .- Mother.PURO .- Father.

QUE BÓLA.- What goes? Whats Up ? What’s Happening ? (General Urban Greeting)QUEMAO (SER ~).- Very intelligent one; (ESTAR ~) crazy.QUEMAR PETRÓLEO.- To fall in love with a black woman or man.QUIMBAR.- To make love.QUIMBAO.- Crazy person, silly.QUIMBOMBÓ.- Vegetable.QUITRIN.- Car with a horse.

RABO.- Masculine sexual organ.RASTRA.- Great truck with tows, “vikingo”.RASTATUTE – Rastafarian in appearance, Jinetero/Pinguero in motivationRASTATUTION – Sex tourism for White European women who like Bob MarleyRECABUCHAR.- To watch at somebody naked without permission, generally by a hollow.REGADO.- Disordered.REGUERO.- Disorden in the house.RELAJO.- Disorden.RIPIAR.- To destroy (someone).RIPIARSE.- To enjoy dancing; to fight.RUFA.- Bus.RUMBA.- Party.

SALACIÓN.- Bad luck.SALVAVIDAS.- Eggs.SALSA – (form of Music/Dance) In Santiagero also can be same as Mechanica & or SingarSAPIAR.- To interrupt a pair.SATA.- A woman who like to have many contacts to men at parties but without relacions; not a prostitute.SAYA.- Skirt.SAYUELA.- Underclothes of woman.SANIAGHETTO – Santiago de CubaSENTADERAS.- Rumps.SINGAR.- To make love, sexual act.SINGAO.- Very bad.SINGUILLA.- Impertinent.SOCIO.- Friend.SOLAR.- Building with many “casas”.SOPLAO.- Good, flavorful.SUBURSIO.- Heart attack.

TACO.- Intelligent.TACOS.- Shoes.TACHO.- Hair of the head.TALLAR.- To fall in love.TALLE.- Words that you say when you fall in love with somebody.TARROS.- Adultery, horns.TEMBANA.- Woman of mature age. More than forty years.TEMPLAR.- Synonymous of “singar”.TIMBIRICHE.- “kiosko”.TIMÓN.- Steering wheel.TITIMANIA.- Old man who like young women.TENIS.- Sport shoes.TIN.- A bit.TIÑOSA.- Bad augury; problem.TIRARSE.- To make (a photo).TOCAO.- good people, pretty.TOLETE.- Penis, brutal.TOMAR LUCHA.- To worry too much.TORTILLERA.- Lesbian.TOSTONES.- “Platanos” (sort of banana) green fried, squashed and returned to refreir.TOTA.- Vagina.TRAPOS.- New and pretty clothes.TRIGUEÑO(A).- People with straight dark hair.TROMPON.- Hit with the closed hand.TRONAR.- To punish, to expel.TRONCO DE JEVA.- Girl with nice body.TROZAO.- Hungry.TRUSA.- Bikini.TUNTURUNTÚ.- That one goes away, it disappears.TUPAMAROS.- Cigarettes of homemade preparation using paper of plans or newspapers.TURCA.- Lie.

VALDE.- Bucket in the Eastern zone of Cuba.VALDIAR.- To clean the floor with much water.VEJIGO.- Boy.VENAO.- Prostitute. (”jinetera”)VENIRSE.- To run, to ejaculate, to have orgasmo.VENTANA.-$20.00 PesosVERRACO.- To be an idiot.VIANDA.- Food that accompanies the strong plate. (Banana, sweet potato, malanga, ñame, yucca)VIGUETA.- Bad.VIKINGO.- Great truck with tows.VITITI (DARSE ~).- proudly demonstrate new things f.e. to the neighbors.VOLÁ.- “Qué volá…” (What happened?)VOLAO (ESTAR ~).- to have plague, to have a hard penis.VUELTO.- The change, What they give back to you when you didn´t give the exact amount.

WALFARINA.- It is a rum, very hard.WARAREY.- Confidence.

YEGUA.- Homosexual (also: Cherna, pato, bajito de sal).YÍPI.- Jeep.YIRA.- Money.YUCA.- eatable root (also: penis).YUMA.- Foreigner.YUNTA.- Good friend.

ZOQUETE.- Lack of respect, if you don´t shut up when you should.ZURDO.- Person who can´t dance.ZUSNAR.- To sleep.


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