You cannot kick the referee in the head.

Banned for life, and rightly so. Animal.

Jim Lampley said, “Matos was disqualified because… after all, it is the first rule of Taekwondo, you cannot kick the referee in the head.”

Alberto de la Cruz at Babalu Blog comments on Matos’ thuggery:

“What is an Olympic athlete to do when he is disqualified from a match for violating a long-standing rule?

Well, for the less nuanced, less sophisticated, less cultured, less ambitious, less intellectual athletes who have not had the good fortune of growing up in a totalitarian society where every aspect of life is controlled and decided by the omniscient state, you simply accept the ruling and make a mental note to be more careful the next time.

However, when you are a member of Castro’s New Man Club, you take matters into your own hands. Or in this particular case; your own foot.

Unhappy with a referee disqualifying him for exceeding the allotted time for receiving medical attention during a match, Communist Cuba’s Angel Matos attempted to explain to the referee–with a kick to the face–that as a full, card-carrying member of the New Man Club in good standing, he is not subject to the capitalist and imperialist rules imposed upon him by the bourgeois officials at the Olympics.”by Alberto de la Cruz at August 24, 2008 10:13 AM


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