To write or not to write (a book) + How an Anti-Doping Control was Defeated

Several times it’s been suggested to me by everyone from friends to members of the mainstream media (and friends in the mainstream media) that I should write a book about my “life story.” The saga of Yuliet’s escape from Cuba and flight across Europe before being kidnapped and forcibly repatriated is terrible – but compelling – and my insights into the dark world of doping in sport (ie., what really goes on and how it happens) are two segments of what could be an engaging (if short) read. Think an American version of “Breaking the Chain”, except not just about doping (and with a better cover)!

Love, betrayal, international intrigue, Apache gunships, juvenille humor (for that I’d consult Burt Hoovis), crime, punishment, redemption, confusing sentence structures, gratuitous use of foreign words…it would be a classic in our time!

Until then, I thought I’d provide you all with an anecdote about one way in which I saw an anti-doping control defeated…BUT – I’ll have to get back to this later as I have a meeting in Robinson in 45min.


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