Spanish Word of the Day – anteojos

anteojos, noun
glasses, spectacles

Spanish spoken in Latin America often differs in vocabulary from Spanish in Spain, just as American and British English differ. Some basic and useful words are different in the two areas, such as the Latin American word for glasses, los anteojos.

Usaba anteojos de carey.
He wore tortoiseshell glasses.

anteojos de sol

anteojos oscuros
sunglasses, dark glasses

In Spain the word anteojos has a quaint, old-fashioned ring to it. The standard term there is las gafas.

La mujer hermosas lleva las gafas de sol.
The beautiful woman [in the photo above] is wearing sunglasses.

Llevaba unas grandes gafas de diseñador.
She was wearing large designer glasses.

El abogado se quitó las gafas.
The lawyer took off his glasses.

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