Berlin in Our Times

For another perspective on the 2008 Olympics, consider the writings of Manuel A.Tellechea:

“The kindest way to describe what is going on in China today is global amnesia. In a nation where “prosperity” hinges on the enforcement of the genocidal “One Child Policy,” famines rage unnoticed in the countryside and workers are exploited by plutocrats more powerful than the robber barons because they do not have to contend with ballot boxes or assuage public opinion, the world has converged — ostensibly in the name of sport — to celebrate the debasement of man by the State. It has happened before and will likely happen again. It is a pleasing fiction that sport promotes harmony among nations. Sport, in itself, is neither nobler nor more inspiring than any other human pursuit. It is the purposes to which sport is put that can be noble or inspiring, or, as in the case of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, base and despicable…”

That is the post I would have written if I was as accomplished an author as MaT, but since I’m not, I reproduce his words here.


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