Graffiti PR

Brian Trdina thinks I’m a media whore. Well, when it comes to promoting my clients and my company’s products – I AM! Because any publicity is good publicity, and when the public stops talking about you, you’re no longer relevant. HA!

All joking aside, my primary client for Blue Archer’s Graffiti Tracking System (GTS) is the San Jose Police Department. Officer Erik Hove is my counterpart there and he and I spent many months refining the GTS software and navigating the complex purchasing process that is in place for city government.

The end result was a greatly enhanced version of GTS that is newley-deployable via the web and the first regional, commercially-developed anti-graffiti database in history. GTS will be in all of the patrol cars used by SJPD and is already credited with facilitating felony arrests (convictions impending).

Officer Hove recently appeared in a KTVU news story, which is available here.

Two great quotes:

  • “[Graffiti] has been one of the most difficult crimes to solve until now!”

  • “[San Jose] Police have some new help – some new high tech help – in leading a regional effort against taggers.”

Blue Archer’s Graffiti Tracking System (GTS) is a centralized, web-based application that helps multiple users document instances of graffiti vandalism, manage investigations, track graffiti removal requests and compile actionable intelligence – all through the Internet! With GTS, any authorized user with access to the web can open and manage a case. GTS results in more substantial arrests and prosecutions of taggers, larger restitution payments, and identification of gang migration patterns.

Blue Archer originally developed GTS as a custom application for the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, but now the software is available to clients throughout the world.


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  1. I especially loathe the pinheads that tag playgrounds. Thanks, Joe.

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