Chad Hartley Joins the Joe Papp Fan Club

“Hypocrisy aside (about being a hater), I agree with Mike Sayers. Chad Hartley is not a fan of Joe Papp either…”

In light of the fact that Chad Hartley is someone with whom I’ve never exchanged more than a sentence or two of dialogue [and haven’t seen for years], I guess I’m flattered that he would express his disdain by discussing me on his well-written and insightful blog.

This recent deluge of anonymous hate mail and odd references to me by former competitors can only stem from my “exposure” in the recent edition of Outside Magazine, and as such, it really is more of a curiosity than anything else. However, I do take umbrage to quotes like this:

“Adam [Bergman] apologized, David Miller apologized, as far as I know Joe Papp hasn’t and is milking his misfortune for whatever it’s worth.”

Who else would Chad have me apologize to, and in what manner? Perhaps my raw, honest analysis of the toll of doping and subsequent warning to youngsters to stay away from it is insufficient for Chad. If he has some constructive feedback, he could always phone in to the Kim West Radio Cycling Show this weekend to share it.


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