At Least I Never Refered to Myself in the Third Person

Danilo Di Luca, reminding us when and where the Giro d’Italia finishes, and proving that illeism isn’t just for Ricky Henderson, Stalin and Gollum (quoted today in

“I said the Giro does not finish until Milano,” Di Luca continued with confidence. “Tomorrow, is another tappone and Sunday is the time trial. It is important not to doubt Di Luca because Di Luca never gives up.”

Perhaps DiLuca is preparing for a post-cycling career on the stage and is practicing (aka: “role-playing”) his dramatic skillz?

The tendency to refer to oneself in the third person is often viewed by psychologists as a symptom of narcissism. In order to learn how to effectively refer to yourself in the third person, it is often desirable to understand the narcissist mentality, and develop an ability to “role-play” as an actual narcissist. Needless to say, the comedic potential of having this ability cannot be overestimated, but there is also danger, in that you may inadvertently develop strong narcissistic tendencies in yourself without realizing it…

Go Killer!


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