This is the kind of weird email I receive on my Birthday

“…I think Joe Papp would make a great head of USADA. . .talk about a comeback story! he’s risen from the depths to lead the anti-doping fight into a new and better century. I think Joe Papp likely has his narrative already written and committed to memory. ya’ll do realize that he’s got a Anti-Doping SUV (Yukon, right?) already in mind with all sorts of positive message decals, somehow appropriated from DHS funds. . .life is so much better after a shot of espresso in the morning…”


5 Responses

  1. don’t rule it out. You’ve had the ambition to be a diplomat and this isn’t that far off from that skillset.

  2. Good call. Let’s see where I am in 15 years.

  3. Hey Joe, happy birthday, though belatedly perhaps? Take care!-Hugh

  4. Thanks man, you’re only a day late but who’s counting?

  5. Happy B.Day Joe!

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