Mike Sayers

A friend forwarded me a link to a blog entry written by Mike Sayers, someone who I always thought was a complete douche and who I studiously avoided, even when my then friend and ex-teammate Todd Herriott was racing with him on HealthNet. Anyway, Mike, who rides on The BMC Professional Cycling Team, wrote:

“…With this all being laid out, I will make this clear; Joe Papp, I am going to offend you. I am going to deeply offend you. I am going to offend you so bad that the state of Pennsylvania and most of the Eastern Seaboard are going to feel it…”

Um, actually – no. Mike, I’m not offended, because to be offended I would have had to have once allocated you some import. And I didn’t, don’t and won’t. But I am taking the time to respond to your blog post with this brief entry of my own, because it’s the polite thing to do.

I’ve often thought that those people who are the most relentless in attacking me are those who most fear being exposed for something, or otherwise feel threatened and are reacting instinctively. Not sure which it is with Mike Sayers, to whom I say, “Vattelo a pigliare nel culo!”


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