You’re a complicated man, Joe

Joe-thanks for inviting me to guest blog.

I like you better since you’ve come clean, but you’ve paid too heavy a price for your recklessness. It comes as a surprise to everyone who has been in your shoes how long it can take to sort it all out. These are the baby steps in overcoming being your own worst enemy. My more recent heroes are ordinary people who don’t want for anything, and I think this is something worth achieving.

Please take care of yourself. You deserve to be happy and it will come.


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  1. While Mike Dropkin wishes me death, at least one guy wrote something positive, in which he quotes “The Secret”. Thought I would share it:”[Joe] i hope this isn’t annoying, but I am including an inspirational piece from “the secret”. In general I am a cynic-but reading this stuff almost always helps me: ‘Know that you are perfect. Do not think any negative thoughts about you.Know that you are worthy and deserving of anything and everything you could possibly want in your life.Focus on the wonderful things in every person. Look for only those things.Do not blame or criticize anybody, ever.Set an intention that you are going to see the best in everything and everyone.Make your happiness the number one thing in your life. Happiness is an inside job.Free yourself of the responsibility of trying to make other people happy. Respect and love them enough to allow them to take care of their own happiness.Get your attention off those things in others that don’t make you feel good.Appreciate and love yourself in every moment you can.Do not expect others to behave in a way you want, so you will be happy. Release yourself forevermore and know that you alone control your happiness and it is a choice, no matter what anyone else is doing.Love and respect yourself completely.Know that you are perfect right now.'”

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