On the Campaign Trail

And so begins the last day of the DeSantis campaign for me. The hours are grueling, but Mark has been an inspiration and it’s truly impressive to see the impact he is having on the lives of ordinary Pittsburghers. He is restoring their hope in the possibility of change and a renaissance in the city of Pittsburgh.

Campaigning is a unique blend of having to be both a brilliant policy wonk (which Mark is, and Luke is most decidedly not) and an “Everyman” who can stand outside of Starbucks, or Shop-n-Save or on a corner in Knoxville and actively engage with the citizenry and convince them that he’s just like them in his desire to see Pittsburgh be all the city it can be. Neat stuff.

From yesterday, quotes we overheard while out with Mark, as recorded by Chad Hermann at Teacher.Wordsmith.Madman:


A 50-something woman from Sheraden, after tapping Mark on the shoulder: I’m a Democrat, and I’m praying to God that you win.

A 60-something man from Banksville, after walking up to shake Mark’s hand: I’m voting for you, but I just want to know: have you asked Luke for a ride in his Yukon?

A 70-something man in Banksville, after a campaigner tried to give him a DeSantis brochure: Arrrrgh! You tell him to go back to Texas with Bush!

A 50-something city worker from Beechview, while talking to a campaigner: My whole division is voting for DeSantis. We’re worried about our pensions, and we can’t stand that kid.

A 40-something man in Banksville, politely refusing a campaign brochure: I’m already voting for him; I like to vote for adults.


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