Wet Foot/Dry Foot, Nazi Executioners

It is despicable that the United States Coast Guard contributed to the death of Cuban political refugee Anay Machado Gonzalez. While the Castro regime has ultimate responsibility for creating a climate that forces Cubans to risk their lives in order to realize freedom and their basic human rights, the USCG is collaborating with a totalitarian state and directly contributing to the imprisonment, torture and in some cases – death – of would-be political refugees.

The United States has a responsibility to support Cubans, just as we welcomed East Berliners fleeing Soviet persecution. However, it seems that the Coast Guard will continue to ape Nazi executioners, and just “follow orders” without regard to ethics or morality as they attack defenseless men, women and children who escape Castro’s tyranny.

To think that my own countrymen might kill my Cuban wife were she to take to the high seas in a bid to join me here in the USA (since Cuba prevents the free, unhindered movement of its own citizens) is equal parts immoral, horrifying and tragic.

Our government’s Wet-Foot/Dry-Foot policy, which applies a double-standard to Cubans, is fundamentally flawed, wicked, and simply wrong. Cubans escaping Castro’s tyranny who are discovered on the high seas by the US Coast Guard deserve to be treated like the people they are – political refugees from a despotic regime, and not drug traffickers, terrorists or economic migrants.


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