USCG = Nazi executioners?

I think it is despicable that the United States Coast Guard contributed to the death of Cuban political refugee Anay Machado Gonzalez (see this Wall Street Journal article). While the Castro regime has ultimate responsibility for creating a climate that forces Cubans to risk their lives to escape to the United States in order to realize freedom and basic human rights, the USCG is collaborating with a totalitarian state and DIRECTLY contributing to the imprisonment, torture and in some cases – DEATH – of would-be political refugees.

To quote the Journal:

“While the law offers permanent escape to Cubans who make it here, current terrorism policies compel agents to stop migrants almost any way they can. High-speed boat chases at speeds over 45 miles an hour in rough seas are commonplace. Many chases now end with federal agents firing live ammunition — a technique developed for drug traffickers — at boats filled with migrants.”

The US Congress and Bush administration have a functional responsibility to eliminate the wet foot/dry foot policy that applies a senseless double-standard toward Cuban political refugees, but it is the USCG that act like a group of Nazi executioners, just “following orders” without regard to ethics or morality when they attack defenseless men, women and children who are fleeing Castro’s tyranny.


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