Advice from a friend…

“How is married life treating you these days? That was a pretty interesting story about going to Cuba. I think there could be a book in that. You should at least sell the story to one of those sentimental weekly womens magazines. “A young couples struggle to be reunited” women pay money to read about that stuff. Its full of danger, romance, heartache. All the things that your average Jonny and Suzie lunchpail yurn for in their dull lives. You should at least go on Oprah. But in all seriousness Im glad it worked out for you guys and I hope I get to meet Yuliet some day soon.”

Thanks, Phil. My sentiments exactly. Yuliet interviews with US Gov’t for her visa tomorrow.


One Response

  1. Good News, good news. Payers & finger crossing all around.P.S. Reader’s Digest might buy the story…

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