Chinese Chop Sticks and Champion System

My friend David Sommerville is a nice guy. He’s a funny guy, too, and he has a great sense of dry humor. When we raced the Tour of the South China Sea together in January, he made photographs of examples of the misuse of English on public signage. The resulting collection will one day be featured in the Getty, I know it. In the meantime, Dave added the above photo of funny Chinese chopsticks to his website – check it out.

Two of my favorite signs from that trip are this one:

and this one:

Too funny. Anyway, I’m a bit melancholy to not be joining the boys in Asia this winter, though I’m sure that when Yuliet and I are finally reunited, December or January in USA won’t seem so cold afterall. Still, I’ll miss the chance to hang with Simon (Little Bear), Derek, Daniel (or whomever the Asian riders are this year), Louis and Scott, DS, JB and everyone else.

I have to say that my time with the Champion System team was the most harmonious racing experience of my life. Granted, it helped that we rode well, but we rode well and we had fun – because everyone involved with the program was nice, pleaseant and well-intentioned (even me!). I’ve got to make sure to write about that in my advice diary for…when you’re united of purpose, success is all but guaranteed, and the trip is harmonious. Thanks Champion System, for a beautiful moment.


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