It Seems Like a Such a Long Time Ago…

It Seems Like a Such a Long Time Ago…

GF Selle Italia, May 2006, Cesenatico, Italia. 3-man break, including my bro’ Matteo Cappe (in Bianchi kit). It’s ironic that in the race in which they BEST picture of me ever was taken, I felt my worst. But we look good, don’t we? Yes, those experiences in Italy were worth everything. Well, that’s not entirely true. They were not worth the decision to stay in Italy and continue racing instead of flying to Russia to resuce my wife when we had the opportunity. But in the spirit of:

“The Past is Gone and it doesn’t matter any more or any longer. And what could have been is what never was and what should have been is what wasn’t and now you let that go and focus into the future…”

Damn, we looked good.


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  1. Damn, I really miss my Whistle bike…I think I would still be riding if I had been allowed to take that bike home with me. Simone Biasci, if you’re reading this…I hope the 1800 euros are worth it to you!

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