Did you know I’m Irish? Right, isn’t everyone?! In this case it’s true, however. My family comes from Achill Island, in the village of Pollagh, County Mayo. I have a passport to prove it.

If Yuliet is ever released from wherever it is that she is being held, and if we are ever reunited and have children, imagine this scenario: we’re living in Uruguay as legal residents, our child is born there, it could possibly hold four nationalities: Irish and US by me, Cuban by Yuliet and Uruguayan by virtue of being born in Uruguay. I don’t know if that works or not, but the kid would at least have three citizenships, if we decide to register it as a foreign-born Cuban. I have a friend who was born of US parents in Spain, and he tried to claim Spanish citizenship but told me that he ulimately couldn’t. While the Spanish government would grant him citizenship as a result of his having been born in Glalicia or wherever it was, he said that the stipulation was that he renounce his US citizenship. I don’t think so…


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