On This Day in #F1: 20th February 2007: Inspirational advert

Joe Papp:

Awesome commercial – check it out!

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- 2007: The Greatest commercial ever

On this day seven years ago – Monaco residents woke up from their ‘perfect lives’ to the V10 screams of a Ferrari F1 car. Shell was just completing the final filming for their new commercial which would celebrate 60 years of collaboration between these two giants – conveniently eliminating the twenty three year association between Ferrari and Agip which had started in 1973.


It was a classy production which also encompassed locations in Italy, New York, Australia, Hong Kong and Rio De Janeiro.

I’m not normally an advocate for advertising; I usually record anything I want to watch and then skip through any ad breaks. On visits to the movie theatre I request the time the movie starts and arrive accordingly – it’s a disgrace that I am paying for entry and expected to watch…

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De fascinatie voor de ondoorgrondelijke wielersport

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Hoewel ik Lance Armstrong als wielerverslaggever niet of nauwelijks van nabij heb meegemaakt, heeft hij me altijd gefascineerd. Ik was wielerverslaggever vóór het epo-tijdperk. Al zullen in mijn laatste jaren als wielerverslaggever renners (Indurain, veel Spanjaarden en Italianen, Russen, Duitsers en vooral het oprukkende Amerikaanse peloton cowboys, de ploegen van 7-Eleven en Motorola, en natuurlijk ook Nederlanders) vast al bezig zijn geweest. Zo bleek later. Ik heb in al die jaren (vanaf 1976 tot begin jaren negentig volgde ik onder meer 16 keer de Tour) wel wat gezien en gemerkt wat ‘vreemd’ was of naar overtreding van de spelregels riekte (omkoping, combine, doping), maar ik kon nooit doordringen tot de ‘vuile waarheid’. Ik moest verder, verslag doen van alweer de volgende etappe en wedstrijd, van hotel naar hotel reizen, met de karavaan mee, op weg naar de volgende winnaars en verliezers.

Die keren dat ik op onderzoek uitging of mijn…

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An open letter to Gérard Saillant (oh yeah Jean Todt too)

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Dear Gérard,

Imagine my surprise at learning that you were in my hospital last week. You actually got on the train from Paris to come here to Liège! It’s a pity you didn’t call me ahead of the visit – we could have had a cup of coffee. Or you could have beeped me to say hi once you got here. But I guess that actually being face to face with someone is not your style. Come to think of it, it never really has been, has it? You did fire me via email!

Imagine my surprise to learn that despite having heard nothing from you or your boss since being fired, YOU ACTUALLY CAME TO MY HOSPITAL BECAUSE OF ME. You made an appointment with the Dean of my medical faculty, to speak about me. Then travelled 2 1/2 hours . . . for me. I’d be flattered if…

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#F1 Features: The Fall of the Empire, Part One: The inevitable goes unseen

Joe Papp:

Adam Parr’s departure from F1 was a loss for forward-thinking fans of the business of the sport.

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Sometimes you can just be too close to the situation. As it unfolds, events may appear to be similar to something you’ve seen many times before, and so the natural assumption is that the outcome will once again be similar.

A number of contributors to TJ13 have in recent weeks contacted via social media, senior F1 folk of gravitas; with many years’ experience in the sport and of solid reputation. Questions have been posed over the apparent and ever increasing random meanderings, destructive comments and opinions voiced by the once F1 Supremo.

The response has been interesting. Whilst a number of these individuals are in no way devotees of the great small man, amongst them is almost a universal belief that whatever Bernie does, he is one step ahead of the rest. Further, there is a confidence in Bernie’s ‘plan’ and that it will see him coming up smelling of…

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Ron Dennis frustrated by lack of engine parity with Mercedes works team

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Ron Dennis made it clear today that he believes that McLaren has been at a disadvantage relative to the Mercedes works team this year.

Dennis said that McLaren has not had the chance to use the new power unit to its full advantage because of a lack of access to data, and even hinted that the team had not had “the best engines.”

His words made it pretty clear that the team’s 20-season partnership with Mercedes is under strain as it edges towards its conclusion.

Ron was commenting on why McLaren has put itself in the position of being Honda’s works team in 2015.

“One thing that jumps you if you look at all of the qualifications of all of this year is the time difference between the Mercedes-Benz works team and the other teams,” said Dennis. “By and large it’s always in excess of a second, putting aside the…

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#F1 Radio Special – #SingaporeGP

Joe Papp:


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Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Mattpt55 - a special look at the mind behind the ban on radio traffic

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darknes of this world, against spirituall wickednes in high places - 1611 King James Bible

There is some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult.” – Warren Buffet

Detail, Press Briefing Charlie Whiting Saturday 20.09.14

Charlie Sez:


If it’s quite straightforward, then why the controversy. Oh wait, it’s OK to tell them to change settings, but then it’s not OK if it’s just one part of the track. How could that possibly cause confusion

Charlie Sez:


You mean after the Team Principals finished shredding what was left of your intellectual dignity. The teams have been evolving the engineer-driver symbiosis for almost a decade and suddenly it’s too much…

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#F1 Features: Enzo Ferrari – How do you measure a person’s life – Part II

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Editors Note: This feature article is the second part of a three-part feature, culminating on the 14th August, looking at and celebrating the life of a motorsport great, Enzo Ferrari.

Tazio Nuvolari

Tazio NuvolariNuvolari was a massive part of the Ferrari story, winning impossible races in Alfas, dedicated to the same Italy that Enzo was so patriotic about and a driver who left Ferrari confounded with his skill.

“At the first bend,” Ferrari writes, “I had the clear sensation that Tazio had taken it badly and that we would end up in the ditch; I felt myself stiffen as I waited for the crunch. Instead, we found ourselves on the next straight with the car in a perfect position. I looked at him,” Ferrari goes on.

“His rugged face was calm, just as it always was, and certainly not the face of someone who…

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