#9 Making you feel bad about not going outside


Stuff White People Like

As mentioned earlier, white people love to be outside.  But not everyone knows that another thing they like to do is make people feel bad for wanting to watch sports on TV or play videogames.  While it would be easy to get angry at white people for this, remember it is hard wired in their head that the greatest thing a person can do in their free time is to hike/walk/bike outdoors.

Usually, they will see that you are preparing to enjoy your life and they will say “hey, lets go for a hike in the park,” and most people will say “hey, thanks but I’ve been working all week and I’m really excited about watching this game,” and then they will respond “don’t be a lump on the couch, you’re wasting your life away, etc…”  If you ignore them, they will eventually go away.

And much like most things…

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An open letter to the Bianchis

Dr. Hartstein…the genuine article

A Former F1 Doc Writes

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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bianchi,

Forgive me for (once again) intruding into your lives.

Once again,  allow me to tell you that you have been examples of dignity and humanity in the face of unthinkable tragedy. While I cannot possibly understand the depth of the tragedy you have faced, as a father I can understand its immensity. And through it all, you have remained open and full of love and respect. You are marvellous people and you are forever in the minds and hearts of hundreds of thousands of Jules’ fans .

While it is not for me to judge “correctness” or propriety, I believe you are doing the right thing in seeking legal redress for the tragedy that has befallen you. It goes without saying that nothing will re-kindle the light that Jules brought us, but it goes without saying that your reasons lie…

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It’s not you, it’s me . . .

Mic’ drop…

A Former F1 Doc Writes

It’s over. We’re officially on a break. It’s gotten to the point where there’s less pain separating than staying together. I never, ever, thought it’d get to this. But what’s going on just makes no sense, seems perfectly conceived to drive us all away, and is shameful and embarrassing. Maybe we’ll get back. But it’s not possible to think of that now. Good bye. Good luck.

No need to rehash the past, but let me just put some of the why’s on “paper” – it’ll make me feel better about this, help ME to put my thoughts in order. Maybe to convince myself that I’m doing the right thing by walking away. It might be a bit disjointed, a bit rambling. Sorry for that. I’m pretty emotional about this.

It started for me in 2008, with my demotion and replacement by someone who not only had never cared for an…

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Fixing a Hole

The Buxton Blog

Drivers line up at the start of Q1 in Melbourne c/o James Moy Photography Drivers line up at the start of Q1 in Melbourne
c/o James Moy Photography

I think we can all agree that the new qualifying format didn’t exactly work brilliantly in Australia. While most would sooner throw the whole system in the bin and simply go back to what we knew before rather than give it the second chance it has been afforded in Bahrain, I have tried to argue there are some merits to the new way which, if given the right environment to flourish, could actually work rather well. But I’m beginning to doubt that there are.

I spoke strongly in favour of giving this new system a fair crack when it was first announced. I’ve taken a fair hit for that and an onslaught of pessimism, but to my mind it was worth giving it a go. Its intentions were solid. Shake up qualifying, shake up the grid…

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Pileated Woodpecker prize

Back Yard Biology

Success!  At last I found a Pileated Woodpecker that sat still long enough for me to photograph.

Tap,thunk, bonk, just like a hammer on a hollow log — that’s what a pileated woodpecker sounds like when it is chipping away dead wood in its search for food.  I heard the bird but couldn’t find it, until I finally caught just a flash of red in the sea of brown bark.

This bird visited every broken branch in a group of large, mature oaks for about 15 minutes, but it was impossible to get a clear shot of it with all the spiny buckthorn undergrowth in the way.  Why are there always branches between me and my subject?

Compared to the rat-a-tat of downy woodpeckers, this bird’s bill operated in slow motion.  But each strike was a measured blow, like a chisel, and when that bill hit the dead wood, the chips did fly — out of the hole, onto the…

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Exclusive: Red Bull secure an engine for 2016

Source: Exclusive: Red Bull secure an engine for 2016

The Right Formula

The Buxton Blog

Race Start 2015 Spanish Grand Prix c/o James Moy Photography Race Start
2015 Spanish Grand Prix
c/o James Moy Photography

Thursday’s Strategy Group Meeting could prove pivotal to the direction the sport takes when expected technical regulation changes come into effect in 2017. Discussion, provoked by an overtly negative media majority which has failed to understand and thus embrace the sport’s current regulations, is rampant over how Formula 1 cars need to be changed to ensure better, closer racing.

The disappointing reaction, a large proportion of the culpability for which can be laid at the door of the FIA for failing to publicise and properly explain the new regulations, coupled with the dominance of the Mercedes AMG team has been blamed for tumbling television figures in all but a few countries (the sport’s critically important market of North America being one of the few good news stories) and an ensuing panic amongst the decision makers that things need to change…

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